Romania: Another Government Falls

On 30 January 2018  Viorica Dancila (born 1963) was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Romania. Viorica Dancila is the third individual to hold this office since the left-wing Social Democratic Party (PSD) secured victory in the December 2016 election. Dancila’s predecessors were Sorin Grindeanu (born 1973) who was Prime Minister from January … Continue reading Romania: Another Government Falls


Serbia and Kosovo: A Death in Mitrovica

The Killing: On the morning of 16 January Oliver Ivanovic, a prominent Kosovo Serb political leader, was shot six times as he left the offices in Mitrovica of the Freedom Democracy Justice (SDP) civic organisation that he headed  by a gunman in a passing car.  Oliver Ivanovic was taken to hospital but declared dead shortly … Continue reading Serbia and Kosovo: A Death in Mitrovica