Russia: Putin’s Hollow Victory

March 2018 saw Vladimir Putin re-elected as Russian President. As he begins his new six year mandate he is, however, facing a series of inter-connected problems which are largely the product of the policies he has put in place, and which it seems he will find increasingly hard to manage using the political and military … Continue reading Russia: Putin’s Hollow Victory

Germany: The Rise and Fall of the AfD?

On 19 April 2017 Frauke Petry (born 1975), the co-leader of the right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), announced that she would not be putting herself forward as the party’s lead candidate Germany’s 24 September parliamentary elections. In spite of this, however, Petry appears set to remain as co-leader of the AfD alongside Jorg Meuthen … Continue reading Germany: The Rise and Fall of the AfD?