Moldova: Opposition Candidate Wins Key Election Victory for Mayor of Chisinau

On 3 June Andrei Nastase, supported by a coalition of centre-right opposition parties, won a clear victory over Ion Ceban from the pro-Russian Socialist Party in the second round run-off of the election for Mayor of Chisinau.

Russia: Putin’s Hollow Victory

March 2018 saw Vladimir Putin re-elected as Russian President. As he begins his new six year mandate he is, however, facing a series of inter-connected problems which are largely the product of the policies he has put in place, and which it seems he will find increasingly hard to manage using the political and military … Continue reading Russia: Putin’s Hollow Victory

Ukraine and Russia: Key Personality Profile – Maria Gaidar

Maria Gaidar (born 1982) was appointed as advisor to Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko on 28 March 2017, previously served as Deputy Governor of Odessa (Ukraine) from July 2015 to May 2016, Deputy Governor of Kirov Region (Russia) and in 2005 was founder of the DA! youth organisation. Maria Gaidar’s political career illustrates the inter-connected nature … Continue reading Ukraine and Russia: Key Personality Profile – Maria Gaidar

Russia: Puncturing Putin’s Popularity?

Demonstrations in Russia: On 26 March unsanctioned anti-corruption demonstrations took place in towns and cities across Russia. These were the largest protests to take place in Russia since the post-election demonstrations of 2011-2012. Police estimates put the numbers involved in the Moscow demonstration at between 7000 and 8000. Other independent observers put the numbers involved … Continue reading Russia: Puncturing Putin’s Popularity?