Sweden: Polling Shows Populist Surge As Election Approaches

With the Swedish general election taking place on 9 September opinion polls show the populist, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats gaining ground. Polling undertaken in June put the Sweden Democrats leading the field ahead of both the centre-left Social Democrats and the centre-right Moderate Party. The Sweden Democrats rating in recent polls has ranged between 20-26%. The … Continue reading Sweden: Polling Shows Populist Surge As Election Approaches


Romania: Power Struggle Between President and Government Intensifies

The battle between the centre-right President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, and the leftist government headed by Liviu Dragnea over control of the country’s legal and judicial institutions has entered a new phase. This last weekend saw the Social Democrats seeking to strengthen their hand in the stand-off with Klaus Iohannis by bringing their supporters from across the country into Bucharest for a major rally. Romania is set to enter turbulent and uncharted waters over the weeks to come.